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The disease is merciless and sentient, the love

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Co-extrusion workshop staff li qing found in the company has arranged a medical lung tumor, the disease has been a bugbear suspending in all, Thai family heart -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Richard li is the high double hillock village, village lover because of illness need medication throughout the year, is still in the study, the daughter of long-lasting dystonic left hand lack of disabilities, parents are old, li qing's condition of the family is undoubtedly worse. To encourage li active treatment, develop the confidence to have the courage to overcome the disease, the party, trade union group, closes working committee, under the joint initiative of the youth corps cell, on May 16 in the range of wanda group to carry out the compassion donation, have received a donation of 17700 yuan. Entrusted by the board of directors, the director of human resources, the secretary of the communist party committee, zhao zheng, the secretary of the communist party of China, zheng kang, the secretary of the communist party of China, made a special trip to hangzhou on the morning of the 17th, to visit li qing and his family, and to transfer the above-mentioned funds to himself.

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