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Wang bin won the title of "excellent communist party member"

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On 30 June morning, district departments held ceremoniously "marks the 96th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China conference", the district 10 advanced basic-level party organization 10, 20 excellent party member, outstanding party workers, three red collar entrepreneurs by recognition and reward. Wang bin, deputy secretary of the party headquarters of anhui sentai group, won the title of "outstanding communist party member", and the party general branch of the group won the award of "advanced grass-roots party organization".

From comrade is a whole, vice general manager of sen's shares, WeiTai and floor company general manager of science and technology, especially in science and technology since the company general manager, floor is always first, concentrate on production line, and for the company's new product research and development, quality improvement, product delivery, profit, and so on working out the significant contribution, with practical action, has done the good qualities of a communist party member!

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