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Party members of the group of party members to visit the new fourth army site in yunling

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To commemorate the 96th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China, carry forward the party's fine traditions, promote the "two learn how to make a" learning education normalized and institutionalized, strengthen all party member of the party spirit cultivation, firm communist ideal and faith, on July 1, group party organization all party member to study jingxian county yuengling the site of the new fourth army, the memorial hall to visit.

Jingxian county yuengling site of the new fourth army, the memorial hall is on leave during the period of the new fourth army stationed yuengling during the Anti-Japanese War in the south of anhui major site of revolutionary memorial hall, the revolutionary site with its rich historical and cultural connotation, to the later generations told the great tiejun spirit and national spirit. We have paid a visit to the martyrs' monument of the south anhui revolution, the historical museum of the new fourth army, the former headquarters of the army and the great hall.

A lot of precious historical materials reflect the new fourth army in the arduous struggle environment, remember the purpose, strict discipline, the discipline such as the iron spirit. Everyone through careful watch and listen to their ideas, deepening understanding and improve the party spirit party spirit learning and education in order to promote the "two learn how to make a" learning ", the system into an opportunity to improve and enhance the consciousness of the party's aim, carry forward the glorious tradition and the new fourth army "tiejun spirit", full play in the daily work of myself as a Chinese communist party member's cutting edge exemplary role.

The party chief secretary zhao, deputy secretary wang bin, the discipline inspection member zhang yong and the various branches in anhui nearly 30 party members participated in this activity.

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